The Perfect Outfit For Your Event

Posted on, September 1 by EJ

The biggest challenge I face when coordinating a production is deciding on what to wear. Considering I love fashion and all that comes with it, the best feeling ever is to walk into a room and watch how everyone stops to take a look at you. Even if they totally hate your outfit, you can get a double take.  I live for the double take!

So you may wonder … “Why is the outfit so important, who wants all of that attention?” When people have confidence and look good attention is just naturally given to them. Think about it: You’ve gone shopping before dressed in some yoga pants and a hat, rushing to find the last piece to your outfit for the night and you can’t find a single person in the store to help you! However, walk into that same store with a hot outfit on and some “star” confidence, everyone will want to help you. It’s happened to me on several occasions and I laugh every time.

The week before any production, I always lay out several outfit options. We all have that dress or suit that just makes us feel amazing, since my outfit is a production in itself, it must speak to the people.  I like to relay the message … “She is in charge and she looks fabulous”. Who wants to take pictures at the end of the night with the horribly dressed event coordinator?  Not me!  Image is important and since I create spectacular productions, it’s only right that I look the part. It’s all about the presentation!

So for those of you who are just not sure what to wear I suggest you take full advantage of NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out! As the kickoff to the infamous Mercedes Benz Fashion week, FNO is a night of fun, deals, celebrities, and of course Fashion!!!

Click FNO LOGO for information on what’s hot and where to go:


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