The Monday Survival Guide

Posted on, February 2 by EJ


After a great weekend the last thing anyone wants to do is go to work on Monday morning. The Monday Morning Blues plague Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds, reminding you how dreadful Mondays are. What makes Mondays even more unbearable are the people you have to encounter. I like to categorize Monday people like this:

First, you have Mr/Mrs. Smiley Face – These are the it’s “Monday let’s be happy and start the week off right” people. For Mr/Mrs. Smiley Face it doesn’t matter what happens they are HAPPY and delivering smiles for everyone.  This happy individual will walk into the office as if they are floating on air and give you a happy and loud “ GOOD MORNING!” This only leads to them shooting questions to you about your weekend, forcing you to explain how great the weeknd was and how you would rather be in your bed, resting from your weekend.

Next you have, Mr/Mrs. I’m off   “ah ha I took off today and I’m going to be happy all day because I don’t have to work” people. These lucky … get to lounge around all day or catch up on errands, enjoying their Sunday do over. No worries most of us fall into the next category and understand that this is a temporary feeling. The truth is that the following week the Monday blues will set in for “Mr. I’m Off” again, but this doesn’t stop him from sending tweets, texts, and Instagram pictures of their blissful nothingness as you punch into work.

Finally you have, Mr/Mrs FML  ” I hate my life and my job it’s Monday” people.  Unfortunately, too many people in the workforce fall into this category. We have all been there; stuck dragging ourselves to a job every morning instead of working towards a passion we love.


Bottom line … It’s Monday and regardless of your plans, it’s another week in the year to face. Let me be the first to say I enjoy my weekends and would love to spend the majority of my days sitting on a beach, sipping cognac, smoking a cigar, and working from my Macbook. The reality is that the majority of us have a 9 to 5 job that pays the lovely bills we a accumulated during your amazing weekend!

So how do I survive the Monday blues? Here are a few simple steps I take to get me through the day.

First things first do not forget your shades and music. If your commute includes 2 trains, 2 buses, and almost 4 hours out of each work day rushing through crowds and squeezing between people; Monday is just not the day. Before I step out into the world I put on my shades and turn up the music in my headphones. Now, you may ask yourself “why shades and music? What the hell does this have to do with not wanting to work on Monday?”  The shades will allow you to rest your eyes while you commute, avoid people you are not ready to face, and my personal favorite, watch people watch you! When it comes to the music, the right playlist can put you in a great mood and help you forget about the hectic day ahead. On any given Monday you can catch me on the platform of the D line nodding my head to the beat and ready to take on the day.

Second, do not plan Monday meetings! If possible, at all cost avoid having a meeting on a Monday! This will allow you to catch up on anything that happened over the weekend and give you time to yourself before the day kicks off. Now understand you may need to have a meeting on a Monday and in that case I recommend you do your best to schedule the meeting in the afternoon and prepare the Friday before.

Lastly, remember to take a break. Too often during a hectic day we forget to take a few minutes to ourselves. ”Lunchtime” is like pressing the reset button on your mind. It will mentally prepare you to get through the rest of the day. Some days I eat lunch, do some yoga, or get a manicure and pedicure. Do whatever works for you, but pick a reset button!



These tips work for me and could work for you too! Try it and add your own twist to it! Always remember Monday will only last for a few hours, and then it’s on to the rest of the week. Like clockwork it will return so prepare to be great either way!

For an MP everyday is a great day and one step closer to our success!

Kiss Kiss


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