The Experience

EJ Calvin was born and raised in upper Manhattan. She began her career in the entertainment world as a party promoter throughout college. She applied the skills she learned in her business classes to successfully execute weekly parties and live performances.

Ultimately, EJ’s innate talent for coordinating and designing events led her to the event industry. Having over ten years of experience producing events for a variety of clients, one can confidently state there is no job too big for this tiny woman. As a full service entertainment consultant she has had the opportunity to coordinate a variety of events ranging from eloquent dinners, celebrations, company  launch events, themed parties, sporting events, fashion shows, concerts, and even huge carnivals.

The key to her success is EJ’s passion to effectively apply her experiences and business sense to execute large productions. Those qualities allow her to provide clients with the best service possible transforming their simple ideas into “red carpet” productions. Having a true passion for creating memorable moments and incorporating a unique guest satisfaction policy into every function, EJ’s  motto is simple: “EJ does not plan events … she coordinates productions.””

In 2014, EJCALVIN launched a series of initiatives designed to have a positive impact on the community and increase the brand awareness of the company and cause.

The Network, a quarterly event, geared towards connecting entrepreneurs to the appropriate resources, fosters an environment of business growth and professional development. The Network partners include: The Harlem Business Alliance, REEL Consortium, Francilia Wilkins, and Chef Jeff.

The Executive Leadership Program is an exclusive training and internship program for individuals in a collegiate program. Currently, the program has 9 participants who are trained by EJ Calvin and are now working with other entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing, entertainment, fashion, event planning, and hospitality. The program encourages young professional to become valuable assets to an organization, through producing impeccable work, efficiently managing directives, committing to the organization’s success, and providing solutions to threats and challenges. Affiliates of the Executive Leadership Course include:, Hutch By Design, IJayApparel, and Francilia Wilkins, Business Consultant.

Corporate Event Scheduling is a personal scheduling service targeted towards business professionals and corporate groups. The goal of the service is to provide overwhelmed professionals, their guests, and clients with an opportunity to partake in a variety of New York’s leisure activities after the boardroom meeting.