MP Movement

Made Products are happy with their state of being because they have nurturing people in their entourage. Keep your circle tight with those who you truly feel compliment your goals and inspire your spirit. Being an MP means that you are able to surround yourself with goal oriented individuals and are able to relate to those who are not without straying away from your own success.


Ritcher Alceus

Business: Online Intelligence Group

Website Design/Logo Design/Email Marketing/ Website Maintenance – Expectations become reality.
From creative design, to practical content management systems and e-commerce development, our web team has all the skills you need to create a site that looks good and works hard. With expertise in e-marketing, we can advise you on ongoing strategies to make sure your site attracts and maintains plenty of interested web traffic.


Francilia Wilkins

Business: Independent Business Development Consultant

Business Development is the core of any organization whether in it’s upstart phase or fully functioning. My full service consultancy assists with all arenas of business development including creating business and start up plans, comprehensive grant or proposal development along with research, project development and implementation, and funding and budgeting. My goal is to assist organizations in defining and obtaining their objectives so that they can take business to the next level!

Deniece Mitchell

Wardrobe Stylist/ Costume Designer

Fashion enthusiast and style architect Deniece C. Styles is pleased to offer her unique fashion styling talents to various individuals and organizations. If the trends from magazine covers and the latest “it” reality shows don’t tempt your fashion palette, then Deniece C. Styles, offers you access to celebrity style with a twist. More than just a wardrobe stylist, Deniece C. Styles promises to bring her clients to the “next level” with her one of a kind, fresh approach to fashion. Her skills are designed to cater to those who want to look stylish, but more importantly to those that want to set trends – NOT follow them!

Deniece C. Mitchell first exploded on to the fashion scene as a model and beauty pageant winner but soon realized that her flair for fashion styling could not go untouched. Combining her retro, urban style with sexy couture pieces, Deniece always found a way to stand out of the “trendy” crowd. With her adventurous vision and spirit, Deniece C. Styles has helped shape the images of today’s hottest up and coming models, actors and musicians by orchestrating influential looks for each of their red carpet walks, public appearances, and editorial shoots