Monday Motivation: What Is Your Purpose?

Posted on, August 10 by MP Blog Contributors

Happy Monday!

When starting this new work week, think about all the tasks you have to do. Do you have a bunch of meetings lined up? Maybe a few presentations, some documents you have to type through and edit? Now, while pondering on your busy days ahead, can you pinpoint which of those activities are driving your purpose in life? Have you ever stopped and thought, “What is my purpose?”

The good “hustlers, entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs” over at Hustle & Grind Co. created this highly useful Venn diagram that will help answer that question (or very well lead you in the right direction). As you can see, the chart is broken into four main

Courtest of Twitter/ @HustleandGrindCo

Courtest of Twitter/ @HustleandGrindCo

sections (Passion, Mission, Vocation, and Profession), and four subsections (“You Love It”, “The World Needs It”, “You Are Paid For It”, and “You Are Great At It”).  When you can properly define each of these sections, you’ll begin to grow a newer perspective on what you need to do for the world to reach your ultimate potential in life.

For most of us, we have our dream and our reality. Let’s be honest, most days those two won’t merge. However, if you take just a few steps everyday towards your dream, it will soon become your everyday reality. Sounds awesome right? We thought so too. While coming down from your weekend fun, and jumping into your full work schedule, just think about this: what steps are you taking to live and embody your purpose in life?

When you start down that path, your weekdays may start to feel more like your weekends!


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