Made Product Lifestyle

Ok so the first question people ask me: What is a Made Product?

The answer is simple. The “Made” in the name means your standard of satisfaction and how you use those standards to influence the decisions you make in your life ranging from the way you dress to your career goals. The “Product” in the name is your ability to use your standard to influence others in a positive way. Both words together is an attitude and lifestyle inspired by your own experiences, aspirations, style, and goals.

Join the Movement

The purpose of the movement is to inspire yourself and others to strive for beauty and success. Being a MP is about taking care of yourself mentally and PHYSICALLY! Its about using what you got on the outside to motivate you on the inside. To be an MP it takes dedication and commitment. Us MPs are on a journey to become Self Made Products, where we are the trend setters, celebrities, idols, and heroes!

Our number one rule: You must be photo ready 24/7!

MP Movement, Get with it!

Kiss Kiss