Hosting the perfect last minute NYE 2013 Party!

Posted on, December 10 by EJ

NYE is my favorite holiday of the year representing the beginning of a new era and new opportunities. What holiday competes?!? NYE by far kicks every other holidays’ butt because it is the one time out of the year that EVERYONE wants to PARTY! This is where an MP would recognize the opportunity to host a production EJ Calvin style! It’s never too late to start planning the perfect New Year’s Eve Party! Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

Start with a theme! Now, why is the theme important; it builds your excitement for the event and will help you create a budget, menu, and determine what type decorations to order. Now remember it is the holiday season, some packages may be delayed. The sooner you get the order in, the better chance you have of receiving your order on time.

The location is self-explanatory; you can’t have an event just anywhere. The location will also determine how many guests you can invite and to what degree you will need to decorate. If you are lucky to reserve a space that offers great lighting and a fabulous décor, you have it easy. Considering time is of the essence you may decide to plan this event in your home and I would recommend you plan for more decorations. Remember this is one of the most anticipated nights of the year and you want to create the perfect setting to accompany your guests’ NYE stories.

For example, The NYE 2013 theme I’ve selected includes the simple but gorgeous colors of emerald green, beige, and gold. The decor includes an ice sculpture of NYC’s Times Square on NYE, beautiful beige and green floral arrangements, and matching tall table centerpieces to create what I call “Emerald NYC.” Now this wouldn’t be an EJC Production without lights! To top off the night and add some excitement, a small laser light show will accompany the NYE Ball countdown. (You can purchase the lights on your own from your local party store or hire a professional. For small private functions I recommend you rent the lights.)

Now that you have a theme, create a guest list and determine your budget.  Inform your guest of the party and don’t forget to request an RSVP. Next, order your decorations, utensils, hors d’oeuvres and deserts. Keep in mind the theme when selecting these items. It will add to the lovely ambiance of the room.

As you get closer to your grand NYE Bash make sure to do the following:

  1. Follow up on your guests and send out a friendly reminder.
  2. Follow up on ordered items and expected delivery dates. Factor in any weather changes i.e. Snowstorms, rain … etc
  3. Make plans to pick up your beverages and champagne. Do not forget the ice … lots and lots of ice.
  4. At this time you should have your decorations in hand and very to go up.

The Night Before and Day of Your Event:

  1. Lay out your outfit, two if you dare. Personally I like to have 3 outfits prepared. You always want to look great; you never know when the cameraman is snapping.
  2. Make your last minute follow up calls and get some rest.
  3. Prepare to start your day early and complete last minute errands.
  4. After you are done setting up, pamper yourself with a spa inspired hot shower, select your first outfit of the night and get ready to have a fab NYE BASH!

Happy Holidays


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