FindSpark Finds Success With Major Networking Mixer, Hustle Summit

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When it comes to networking, not all of us are Chatty Pattys. Many of us, especially young adults, tend to shy away from talking to people unless it’s absolutely necessary. The creatively professional staff at figured this just wouldn’t do for the millennials who will be running the world soon, and thus Hustle Summit was born.

Founder & CEO Emily Meithner

Founder & CEO Emily Meithner

FindSpark hosted the first Hustle Summit this past Friday in Irving Place. Findspark is job board site that goes above and beyond to make sure that all young creative professionals have a leg up on their competition. The site posts jobs (full time, part time, and internships) that are aimed for the innovative and artistic, hosts professional events and workshops (with a few fun mixers mixed in between), and sends out great articles all business-minded individuals should be reading to stay in the loop of what’s going on in the working world. Hustle Summit is FindSpark’s first big networking event that pulled about 500 people out of their anti-social woes. The resources allotted at the venue were fun, hip, and easy to navigate (once you got around the massive amount of people).

The Resume Wall was filled with colorful profiles of everyone there, giving everyone a look at just how much fun you can have with your resume depending on your field. The Get Sh*t Done area gave attendees time to work on their LinkedIn and other social media profiles so they were appealing to future employers. Heads up: that bikini pic from your vacation should not be your LinkedIn profile picture. Another great feature was the Mentor Lounge, where people spoke to FindSpark employees and got a chance to ask all those embarrassing questions you don’t want to ask an employer and gave tips on how to stand out at your interview (the right way).

Hustle Summit at Irving Place

Hustle Summit at Irving Place

The companies in attendance were similar to the names you see on FindSpark’s job board. From Buzzfeed and TIME Inc. to VayneMedia and Live Nation, attendees got a chance to meet the faces behind the brands they love so much. Added bonuses were the keynote speakers who also had a few hints to throw our way: TIME Inc. Vice President Bucky Keady; Founder and CEO of FindSpark Emily Meithner; Head of Design at CreativeLive Lara McCormick; and Writer at Flama Henry Pacheco. Each gave their own personal recollection of hitting the pavement trying to find a job, the obstacles they had to overcome, and the reward of finding your path. They were inspiring, helpful, and really spoke to the wants of the current generation.

Overall Hustle Summit was a huge success. The best advice may have been said by Founder Emily Meithner (right before the after-party), which was “You’re awesome, don’t forget that.” So get out their millennials and find your spark.

– CookTP (Twitter/IG @_cooktp)

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