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The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is an exclusive training and internship placement program for individuals in a collegiate program. Unlike most internships, the ELP focuses on providing interns with real work experience in the fields of business, fashion, entertainment, and hospitality. The ELP encourages young professionals to become valuable assets to an organization through producing impeccable work, efficiently managing directives, committing to the organization’s success, and providing solutions to threats and challenges. All participants experience a monthly training the third weekend of the month, reviewing a wide variety of business-related topics and trends. This executive training and placement program allows participants to work alongside a variety of successful entrepreneurs and businesses. As a result, all stakeholders benefit from developmental and progressive growth.

Ideal ELP Candidates:
· Enrolled in a college/university program
· Excellent communication skills
· Enhanced knowledge of social media platforms and Microsoft Office
· Excellent follow-through and execution abilities and determination to complete independent assignments
· A minimum of 10 hours per week to dedicate to meetings, office hours, and workshops

Website Design and Management:
· Knowledge of Photoshop and graphic design applications
· Film/photography skills

To apply for the Executive Leadership Program, hosted by EJCALVIN, please send a cover letter and resume to To ensure you application is reviewed promptly, please input “ELP Intern” in the subject header.

Prospective Employers:

An internship, similar to any position within an organization, is a partnership between an employer and the employee. By participating in the ELP, you will work with highly trained individuals who have the ability to produce quality work for your business. Though real world experiences and opportunities, these executive leaders hope to assist your organization with achieving set goals while enhancing their personal skill set and building a strong portfolio. Work with EJCALVIN and the ELP to transition the young people of today into “executives of tomorrow.”

To participate in the Executive Leadership Program as an employer, send a detailed overview of your organization, complete job description, and candidate qualifications to To ensure your submission is reviewed promptly, please input “ELP Employer” in the subject header OR complete the form below.

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