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Monday Motivation: What Is Your Purpose?

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10th August

Happy Monday!

When starting this new work week, think about all the tasks you have to do. Do you have a bunch of meetings lined up? Maybe a few presentations, some documents you have to type through and edit? Now, while pondering on your busy days ahead, can you pinpoint which of those activities are driving your purpose in life? Have you ever stopped and thought, “What is my purpose?”

The good “hustlers, entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs” over at Hustle & Grind Co. created this highly useful Venn diagram that will help answer that question (or very well lead you in the right direction). As you can see, the chart is broken into four main

sections (Passion, Mission, Vocation, and Profession), and four subsections (“You Love It”, “The World Needs It”, “You Are Paid For It”, and “You Are Great At It”).  When you can properly … Read More »

7 Instagram Accounts That Are Spiritually Pleasing

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22nd July


Majority of us keep our phones in our hands and our social media even closer. As we zip between work and lunch meetings and clients’ paperwork, we tend to forget about ourselves spiritually. Admit it, you don’t take time to just think about the inner you. Don’t worry- you’re not alone. To bring your calming world into your busy one, we’ve created a list of Instagram accounts that’ll provide you with a little mental and physical health guidance that’ll fit into your packed schedule. Or may be aesthetically pleasing and bring that calm to you anyways, whichever comes first! Let us know which works out best for you!


A lifestyle brand that uses photography to promote fashion, music, and wellness. They’re #ForrealFriday posts give their audience a discussion topic and allow “the iii’s” to go at it.

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FindSpark Finds Success With Major Networking Mixer, Hustle Summit

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22nd July


When it comes to networking, not all of us are Chatty Pattys. Many of us, especially young adults, tend to shy away from talking to people unless it’s absolutely necessary. The creatively professional staff at figured this just wouldn’t do for the millennials who will be running the world soon, and thus Hustle Summit was born.

FindSpark hosted the first Hustle Summit this past Friday in Irving Place. Findspark is job board site that goes above and beyond to make sure that all young creative professionals have a leg up on their competition. The site posts jobs (full time, part time, and internships) that are aimed for the innovative and artistic, hosts professional events and workshops (with a few fun mixers mixed in between), and sends out great articles all business-minded individuals should be reading to stay in the loop … Read More »

Artist Collective OBSG Presents New Collections at #OUTERTHOUGHTS

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8th July


A few weeks ago, artist collective OBSG hosted their 2nd annual art exhibition, Outer Thoughts, in Brooklyn’s Studio 301. The packed event was curated and sponsored by spoiledNYC, The Culture LP, Clique Vodka, and more.

The collective includes founder (and DJ for the event), Rodney Hazard, Lauren Espejo, Ralph Moreau, Duane “Raisin Brand” Douglas, Raphael Gibbs, and Michael Mcintosh. Each artist hones their own style in their chosen expertise, which shown through in each of their detailed pieces.

From an event planner’s view, this is a big event. Being that it’s the second of their Outer Thoughts series, the artists had to one up themselves from last year’s while still being focused on the theme at hand. Aside from the pieces displayed, the press and media coverage had to be spot on (which it was), but even the curators were still nervous … Read More »

The Monday Survival Guide

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2nd February

After a great weekend the last thing anyone wants to do is go to work on Monday morning. The Monday Morning Blues plague Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds, reminding you how dreadful Mondays are. What makes Mondays even more unbearable are the people you have to encounter. I like to categorize Monday people like this:

First, you have Mr/Mrs. Smiley Face – These are the it’s “Monday let’s be happy and start the week off right” people. For Mr/Mrs. Smiley Face it doesn’t matter what happens they are HAPPY and delivering smiles for everyone.  This happy individual will walk into the office as if they are floating on air and give you a happy and loud “ GOOD MORNING!” This only leads to them shooting questions to you about your weekend, forcing you to explain how great the weeknd was and how you … Read More »

The Network: Press Release

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1st February



New York, New York (July 30, 2014) E.J. Calvin and Friends present “The Network 3Q,” on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at the L Lounge located at 2131 Frederick Douglas Boulevard NY, NY 10026 as a free resource to Harlem entrepreneurs and business owners.  As the third installment in the networking series, this event aims to highlight the development of young professionals and encourage business collaborations. Specifically, EJCALVIN has launched the Executive Leadership Program, an exclusive internship preparation and placement course, providing collegiate students with valuable work experiences and career opportunities.


Like the first and second quarter events, The Network 3Q is hosted in Harlem and fashioned as a tool to align entrepreneurs of the Greater New York area together. “The Network 3Q” offers the opportunity for people to engage each other within an interactive environment, encouraging collaboration and … Read More »

It’s About Branding

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31st May

When owning your own business it’s all about branding!! Getting your name the proper exposure that sparks an emotion from both existing and new clients will assist your business for years to come. When people hear, see, or mention EJCALVIN I want them to think of professionalism, class, hardworking, committed, fabulous, top of the list, must know, the person who can make the impossible happen. Each of these terms are determined by how well I am able to brand myself and influence my audience.

So as I travel this journey of working for myself and working in a saturated market of ” event planners” I had to ask myself a few questions: What makes me different? Why would clients prefer to work with me? What do clients think about my brand?After much reflection I discovered my niche. I don’t believe in … Read More »

The Grind: Notes for A Master Plan!

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1st January

These days everyone has an idea that is going to make him or her famous! Too often I encounter individuals who are just waiting for their moment. So the real question is: What does it take to get to the top? How do you turn that dream into a reality? How do the famous become famous?

Unlike the D list “stars” we see on reality TV shows, the road to success is not easy. Their fame is fleeting and fast burning. This MP post is about utilizing your 15 minutes of fame to turn your dreams into a success story. It’s about taking your success to the highest level! There are several key factors that play into the success or failure of a great idea. Let’s break it down!

We can start with “The Idea”. The tricky thing about an idea is … Read More »

Hosting the perfect last minute NYE 2013 Party!

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10th December

NYE is my favorite holiday of the year representing the beginning of a new era and new opportunities. What holiday competes?!? NYE by far kicks every other holidays’ butt because it is the one time out of the year that EVERYONE wants to PARTY! This is where an MP would recognize the opportunity to host a production EJ Calvin style! It’s never too late to start planning the perfect New Year’s Eve Party! Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

Start with a theme! Now, why is the theme important; it builds your excitement for the event and will help you create a budget, menu, and determine what type decorations to order. Now remember it is the holiday season, some packages may be delayed. The sooner you get the order in, the better chance you have of receiving … Read More »

The Perfect Outfit For Your Event

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1st September

The biggest challenge I face when coordinating a production is deciding on what to wear. Considering I love fashion and all that comes with it, the best feeling ever is to walk into a room and watch how everyone stops to take a look at you. Even if they totally hate your outfit, you can get a double take.  I live for the double take!

So you may wonder … “Why is the outfit so important, who wants all of that attention?” When people have confidence and look good attention is just naturally given to them. Think about it: You’ve gone shopping before dressed in some yoga pants and a hat, rushing to find the last piece to your outfit for the night and you can’t find a single person in the store to help you! However, … Read More »