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Posted on, May 31 by EJ

When owning your own business it’s all about branding!! Getting your name the proper exposure that sparks an emotion from both existing and new clients will assist your business for years to come. When people hear, see, or mention EJCALVIN I want them to think of professionalism, class, hardworking, committed, fabulous, top of the list, must know, the person who can make the impossible happen. Each of these terms are determined by how well I am able to brand myself and influence my audience.

So as I travel this journey of working for myself and working in a saturated market of ” event planners” I had to ask myself a few questions: What makes me different? Why would clients prefer to work with me? What do clients think about my brand?After much reflection I discovered my niche. I don’t believe in duplicating what has been done. When working with me my clients are guaranteed a professional and classy experience along with an unique production that speaks to their entertainment needs. As I always say …  “I don’t plan events … I coordinate productions” and filming a commercial was a great way to illustrate this concept.

February 23rd, 2013 filmed its first commercial titled “Luck Be A Lady” starring ME of course! This two part commercial has a simple concept … A fabulous me equates to a fabulous production for my clients. During the shoot, my team and I made sure to incorporate two of my favorite things: mirrors and lights.  I adore mirrors, its a great add on for any function and let’s be honest, people love to look in the mirror to check out their outfits and make sure there isn’t a single hair out of place. I also wanted to incorporate bright lights. I love working with lights and using light to make an ordinary event extraordinary.

It was a long day but in the end David Coy II, the Director, and Patrick Ambroise, the Assistant Director were able to capture the essence of EJCALVIN and my passion for the work that I accomplish.  As a Lifestyle Entertainment Consultant, my goal is serve as a personal event production coordinator who converts concepts and themes into sophisticated memories for clients and their guests.

When it comes to branding you should take into consideration your message and develop a marketing strategy, which delivers that message clearly, and concisely to your target audience. I am my brand and I love to look and feel as good as the events I produce. I hope you enjoy the “Luck Be A Lady” Commercial for and feel free to share it with a friend!


Kiss Kiss

EJ Calvin

Lifestyle Entertainment Consultant



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