Artist Collective OBSG Presents New Collections at #OUTERTHOUGHTS

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A few weeks ago, artist collective OBSG hosted their 2nd annual art exhibition, Outer Thoughts, in Brooklyn’s Studio 301. The packed event was curated and sponsored by spoiledNYC, The Culture LP, Clique Vodka, and more.

Outer Thoughts at Studio 301

Outer Thoughts at Studio 301

The collective includes founder (and DJ for the event), Rodney Hazard, Lauren Espejo, Ralph Moreau, Duane “Raisin Brand” Douglas, Raphael Gibbs, and Michael Mcintosh. Each artist hones their own style in their chosen expertise, which shown through in each of their detailed pieces.

From an event planner’s view, this is a big event. Being that it’s the second of their Outer Thoughts series, the artists had to one up themselves from last year’s while still being focused on the theme at hand. Aside from the pieces displayed, the press and media coverage had to be spot on (which it was), but even the curators were still nervous down to the last moments.

“The most difficult part is making sure people showed up,” laughed CEO of spoiledNYC, Pavel Konoplenko. “That part is nerve-wrecking.” However, he made it seem a little easier with just one factor: the artists. The collective itself made the event a success with their talent and having a grasp on their personal brands.

“The easiest is getting the artists to do their thing,” said Konoplenko. “There’s a lack of appreciation for artists who have professionalism, but these guys don’t have that problem. We know it’s good with them.” In addition to the work itself, the event came with surprises and perks. Uber as another sponsor gave “free” rides to new subscribers to the sophisticated taxi service. Users who

Mixed Media Raphael Gibbs with + guest observing his collection

Mixed Media Raphael Gibbs with + guest observing his collection

signed up to get Outer Thoughts received a $20 credit on their new accounts; making their free if you’re coming from anywhere in Brooklyn on lower Manhattan. Free trip to an art exhibition? Why not! They also did a few giveaways of Marley speakers to those who used their hashtag #OUTERTHOUGHTS, bringing even more publicity and media coverage to the event by using the audience itself. It was an overall good night of positive energy and dope music.

The execution of this event was apparently stressful for the past months (words from the artists). However, the amount of organization, precision, and dedication it took to be a victorious night was not overlooked and actually can be seen as part of the exhibition itself.

– CookTP (Twitter/IG @_cooktp)

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