7 Instagram Accounts That Are Spiritually Pleasing

Posted on, July 22 by MP Blog Contributors


Majority of us keep our phones in our hands and our social media even closer. As we zip between work and lunch meetings and clients’ paperwork, we tend to forget about ourselves spiritually. Admit it, you don’t take time to just think about the inner you. Don’t worry- you’re not alone. To bring your calming world into your busy one, we’ve created a list of Instagram accounts that’ll provide you with a little mental and physical health guidance that’ll fit into your packed schedule. Or may be aesthetically pleasing and bring that calm to you anyways, whichever comes first! Let us know which works out best for you!


A lifestyle brand that uses photography to promote fashion, music, and wellness. They’re #ForrealFriday posts give their audience a discussion topic and allow “the iii’s” to go at it.



The NYC-based startup is aimed to help busy individuals stay active in their health and wellness lives with inspiration and knowledge from well-trained professionals.



Entrepreneur and writer, Alex Elle will keep you light and inspired with her family inspired posts and words from her published novels.



An online publication specializing in holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color.



A community of individuals who are spiritually inclined and a safe space to inhale and….exhale. To be featured, just tag photos #soulpick.



An “emotional nudist” who uses her trained mind of horoscopes and spiritual growth to guide others to a more positive and peaceful living.



A project started by Forrest Curran, where he uses recycled weapons of war to create beautiful jewelry. He also collages inspiring quotes with complementing imagery.


– CookTP (Twitter/IG @_cooktp)

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